These substances combine with the receptors, causing an anabolic reaction. SARMs are becoming more and more popular among gym athletes and bodybuilders due to the effectiveness of action with virtually negligible side effects. Acting strongly anabolic effectively, they increase strength and fat-free muscle mass.

The biggest advantage of using the supplement is a small amount of side effects because they involve only selected receptors that are responsible for anabolism. The benefits of using them can certainly include: rapid increase in muscle mass and strength, increased bone density, acceleration of burning fat tissue and faster regeneration of the body .

RAD 140- is considered one of the most effective SARMs that have been created to date. The strength of its action results mainly from high stability and very good bioavailability, high affinity to androgen receptors and the ability to initiate anabolic processes to a greater extent than attributed to testosterone. The sum of these features is reflected in the promotion of muscle anabolism and effective regeneration of the skeleton and nervous system, which are necessary to create the required conditions for the intensive growth of muscle tissue. 2-Chloro-4 - ({(1R, 2S) -1- [5- (4-cyanophenyl) -1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl] -2-hydroxypropyl} amino) -3-methylbenzonitrile leads to rapid growth of muscle mass and promotes mineralization of the bone that increases its density. Interestingly, its neuroprotective effect appears, which by interfering with signaling of the MAPK / ERK pathway, affects the process of neurogenesis, differentiation of synaptic plasticity and memory formation. Also important are its antiapoptics, which effectively inhibit cell breakdown. RAD 140 is not subject to conversion to DHT, nor does it aromatise to estrogen, making it a safe compound for people susceptible to increased activity of these hormones. It does not increase hair loss, does not lead to excessive prostate hypertrophy and does not cause gynecomastia. It leads to a clear decrease in lipids, including triglycerides as well as HDL and LDL cholesterol. Therefore, it is recommended to monitor the lipid profile during its adoption. It is not a threat to liver function, as evidenced by no noticeable elevation of hepatic transaminases.

YK 11- The chemical structure of YK 11 is very similar to the structure of steroids, but does not mean that this compound is a steroid. The compound is classified into the group of so-called SARM or selective, androgen receptor modulators. Due to its structural structure - the steroid skeleton is one of the strongest and most effective SARMs. YK11 attaches to the androgen receptor, and this causes the muscle cells to start producing more anabolic factors, the ultimate process of which is muscle growth. Unlike other SARMs, which have limited androgenic activity, YK 11 works more effectively. Scientific research clearly shows that muscle cells produce much more anabolic compounds after using 500 nmol YK 11 than after the same testosterone dose. YK 11, like other SARMs, causes increased muscle cell growth. The compound is very effective for people who want to gain large gains of muscle mass, as well as for those who care about keeping their muscles without excessive fat accumulation in the body. The effects of using YK11 are impressive not only because of the ability to build muscle mass but also by its ability to reduce the overall amount of fat in the body. It turns out to be particularly helpful for people whose genetics significantly prevents the achievement of significant muscle mass. This is because the compound is a myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is a protein that inhibits muscle growth in the body by inhibiting the formation of new muscle fibers. Some naturally have a large amount of this protein in their body, and then it is difficult to obtain the desired weight. Thanks to YK 11 you will naturally develop your muscles to the desired level. To sum up, YK 11 is undoubtedly one of the best SARMs currently available on the market. The compound promotes the growth and development of lean muscle mass. Unlike steroids, YK11 acts selectively only in specific cells. To ensure cosmic results in the gym, anyone who accepts this relationship should stay active and exercise regularly. As long as you follow these recommendations, you have brick effects in the form of a great figure without unnecessary fat.


Servings per Container - 30 Servings

AlphaForm Labs: Test-11

  •  2-Chloro-4 - ({(1R, 2S) -1- [5- (4-cyanophenyl) -1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl] -2-hydroxypropyl} amino) -3-methylbenzonitrile (Rad -140) 10mg
       (17a, 20E) -17.20 - [(1-Methoxyethylidene) bis (oxy)] - 3-oxo-19-norpregna- 4.20-diene-21-carboxylic Acid Methyl Ester (YK-11) 5mg