M-STEN’s main ingredient is Methylstenbolone. Structurally, Methylstenbolone is similar to superdrol but they differ in the type of result obtained. Superdrol is known for really packing on size, but there was a loss of definition due to water retention. So for most users, visually you would see size gains, but there was more of a “water bloat” look.

What makes Methylstenbolone different, and in many users’ eyes, better, is that it is a dry bulker, which means you can pack on the gains and lose little to no definition! Many people will actually see increased definition!

Methylstenbolone is derived from DHT. So what does that mean for you? It means that this product cannot and will not convert to estrogen.

Methylstenbolone is methylated, so to avoid any harsh effects on your liver and organs the product contains Hawthorne Berry (60mg, Milk Thistle Extract (100mg) and Acetyl -L-Cystenine (100mg).


Servings per Container - 60

AlphaForm: M-STEN