Brawn Nutrition Granite, advanced hardening & recomposition agent. 
Granite is a highly potent, ultra premium & highly innovative supplement that has been formulated to promote dry, hard, lean muscle gains and definition. Granite not only maximises key anabolic hormones such as testosterone but also decreases catabolic hormones such as cortisol, placing the body in a favourable anabolic environment. Granite also contains key ingredients which improve pump, performance & recovery which have been clinically studied. Moreover, Granite possesses and is further enhanced by natural aromatase inhibiting properties, allowing optimal estrogen regulation and hormonal optimisation; conducive to any body composition goal.
Granite may support the following:

-Improved Body Composition & Muscle Definition

-Increased Dry Hard Lean Muscle Gains

-Increased Strength & Recovery

-Improved Performance & Endurance

-Increased Vascularity & Pump

-Increased Nitric Oxide (NO) Levels

-Increased Testosterone Levels

-Reduced Estrogen Levels & Aromatase Activity

-Reduced Cortisol Levels


+4 Licensed Patented Ingredients 

+Clinically Dosed Ingredients

+No Proprietary Blends

+Superior Formulation

+No Expense Spared By Brawn