Lee Priest Power Grip by Abundant Natural Health is a must have for every gym bag!
Perfect for every gym, functional fitness studio, garage gym or home studio, with zero mess!
Lee Priest Power Grip is made up of Magnesium Carbonate and Ethanol. Not only is the Power Grip a liquid chalk, it also doubles as a 99.9% Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser!
Lee Priest Power Grip is super easy to apply. Simply put a small dot on the palm of each hand, rub your hands together, shake them and within seconds the liquid chalk will dry and you can start your workout or keep going with those pull ups or barbell movements.
Watch the Lee Priest Power Grip Tutorial Video
It doesn't make you stronger but it will help your grip on a heavy set and keep your hands dry during a workout.
Ideal for:

Functional Fitness, Cross Training athletes

Strongman Athletes

Olympic Weightlifters


Use in gyms where solid chalk is banned

Available in a convenient 50mL travel pack