SlinMax nutrient partitioning complex are one of the new must haves. Vastly increase your uptake of nutrients.


SlinMax helps efficiently drive nutrients to your muscles thereby helping improve performance and muscle mass gains. It works by increasing nutrient delivery to your muscles, principally carbohydrates but also amino acids, oxygen and blood all of which contributes to enhanced body composition and improved muscle endurance.


SlinMax can be used a number of ways; when bulking it can help maximise performance and muscle mass while limiting fat gains, when dieting it helps improve fat loss by more efficient use of carbohydrates helping your muscles stay more full while enhancing fat loss by lowering blood sugar levels.


Servings per Container - 60

PerforMax Labs: SlinMax

    • Na-R-ALA 250mg
    • Agmatine Sulphate 750mg



    • Berberine HCL 200mg
    • Banaba Extract 100mg
    • Trigonella Seed Isolate 100mg
    • Black Pepper Extract 50mg