ZionLabs T-5's are extremely strong Fat Burners designed for maximum potency. Based around the tried and tested ECA stack, to guarantee fantastic results


The proven formula is ideal for helping you shred bodyfat by raising your energy levels throughout the day.

-Increase your heart rate

-Increase your body temperature

-Suppress your appetite


60 Capsules per Tub

60 Servings


Take one capsule first thing in a morning on an empty stomach. Followed by a further serving around Midday. Do not take close to bed time, to avoid any trouble sleeping.


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  • Due to the potency of the capsules they are not suitable for any persons under the age of 18.

    If you have any previous/current heart problems, refrain from using due to the extreme stimulant content. This inlcudes any history of high blood pressure.

    Do not exceed the recommended dose within any 24 hour period.